Relaxation massage

Swedish massage techniques influence the nervous system,

blood and lymphatic circulation, and muscle tissue, making it

an ideal holistic treatment for body and mind.

Relaxation massage creates a sense of well being, eases

aches and pains, maintains healthy range of motion of the

joints, and is effective in reducing tension and stress.

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage aims to restore healthy muscle

function and range of motion and reduce the pain associated

with imbalances caused by injury, chronic medical conditions,

posture, repetitive strain, etc.     

Deep tissue treatments address multiple layers of muscle

and fascia. Conditions such as low back pain, chronic neck

and shoulder tension, sport or vehicle injuries, tendonitis,

sciatica, etc, will all benefit from deep tissue therapeutic


*It is my pleasure to include a heated table, hot towel service and aromatherapy by request at no extra charge.