Hot Stone Therapy (Not available at this time)

Hot Stone Therapy is a delightful 75 minute full body treatment

that blends body and energy work to alleviate pain, stress and


Heated basalt stones and chilled marble stones work to calm the

nervous system, relax muscle tissue, and increase blood and

lymphatic circulation. Cool stones are placed in key areas while

heated stones are used as an extension of the hands in working

muscle tissue.

Warming and sedating, Stone Therapy initiates deep relaxation

and releases tension immediately. Benefits of Stone Therapy can

be felt long after the session is over.

Myofascial Cupping

Cupping is an effective deep tissue treatment that feels

wonderful! It can be added to any relaxation or therapeutic

session at no extra charge. The negative pressure created

within the cups increases circulation and can aid in release of

fascial restriction, break up scar tissue, and target persistent

muscle tension. Cups may be placed statically or be used in a

slide cupping massage.

Cupping may produce circular bruising type marks on the

skin.These marks are harmless and most often fade within a

day or two.